As witme includes a configutation editor that aims to be real time, and is non standard in design, this section should help people to configure witme.

There are three main abstractions in configuring witme. Types, Events, and Applications. All three abstractions are seperate from each other. For example, in other applications you would configure a new event and then add what happens when that event occurs. In witme the configuration of the event and the actions are two seperate things.

As a simple example, lets walk through the process of setting up witme so that double clicking a c++ file opens it in your editor. Lets assume we want to use emacs today.

The first thing to do is to tell witme how to execute emacs. To do this right click on the background in a witme window and select "Applications". Then in the applications window select "New". Now double click the new application "New Item 1" that was just created. You should see a window looking like the following

The name is whatever you decide to refer to emacs by. The only restriction is that all applications in witme have a unique name. The executable is the name of the program to run, in our case its just emacs. Note that the PATH that was in place when running witme is used to look for this application on disk, much like a shell like bash would do.

Now we need a suitable event to attach this to, we want a double click of the left button. Open the events window by choosing "Events" from the witme menu. Select "New" in the event window popup menu. Then double click this new event, you should see something like the following

Once again, all events have to have a unique name. We are interested in having a mouse event, and select button 1 from the double click option menu. lets call this event "left dclick"

We next need to make a C++ file type. Open the "Types" window and select "New". when you double click the new type you should see something like the following.

So we can call this type cpp, and set the extension to .cpp and maybe even give a nice icon for c++ files by setting the icon name.

Now to make the double clicking of a .cpp file run emacs on that file. There are two ways to do this. If you have a witme window open showing a directory with many c++ files in it, just right click one of the c++ files. In the popup menu select "Type Attach" then the names of all the events are shown in a sub menu, we are interested in our double click event, so select "left dclick". When this happens a submenu of all the applications is shown, so select the emacs application.

From now on whenever the "left dclick" event happens on a c++ file the application with the name "emacs" is run.